Trends for Kids is unbeatable when it comes to transporting your child over both rough and smoth terrain. TFK is geared towards the modern parent; active, sporty and constantly on the trail of life.

TFK was founded in 1997, born out the idea that you should't have to exclude your own children from your sporting activities. It quicky developed into a brand standing for inoovtaion and seizing every moment of an active lifestyle. The TFK trend strollers are held in the highest regard. 

"For us, it was always essential that we unite high standards for sitting and sleeping comfort, multi-functionally, both sporty and outdoor features together with beautiful and fashinable design"

(Oliver Beger, CEO TFK) 

This sporty image was succesfully transported into the new millenium. Today TFK is a market leader and an innovator in the premium stroller segment. In addition to the true jogging strollers, the TFK line has evolved is particularly proud of the fact that all of their products are based on their own ideas, careful development, and patented designs and ideas.

"Our goal is to create products that cause enthusiasm, wile at the same time meeting the highest quality an safety standards"

(Stefan Erber, CEO TFK)